Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

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When deciding on a wedding photographer, many different questions need to be answered. Wedding photographers can influence your day in a positive or negative way for both you and your guests. It seems like it should be as easy as picking a person within your budget and moving on, but trust me… it is not.

The first thing to look at is budget. Wedding photographers in the Omaha, NE area can cost anywhere between $1000 – $5000. Price doesn’t always determine quality either. If you are looking for a straight-forward price, check their website first. I may be different than some, but if I didn’t see a package price listed directly on the site I move on to the next photographer.

Secondly, consider style. Whether you are looking for an artistic or journalistic photographer, you need to match your style with theirs. That should be as easy as looking at their website and knowing if you like their photos or not. Don’t settle because the price is right, there are probably 10 more wedding photographers around with the same price range. Style also affects the way they take pictures. Are they going to stop you in the middle of the isle to pose you for a perfect shot, or are they going to let you enjoy your day and try to capture all the shots as they happen naturally.

Next, you should look at their packages. This was my main concern when choosing a photographer for myself. I knew that I wanted a CD of the pictures because I could then post them to my Facebook and get them printed myself. It was also the fact that I knew the exact amount of money I was going to spend. I also didn’t want to worry about the photographer charging $30 for one 8×10 and knowing I can order the same thing through a professional site for $1.50. That would probably make me skip out on getting more than just the best pictures and ending up with only parts of my day captured. Then I looked at other possible “add-ons.” Is there going to be more than one photographer? I suggest two so they can’t miss anything and you can get things done much quicker. Is there a time limit? Some photographers are selling you an amount of hours they will be at your wedding. My main concern was running out of time before the main events at the reception were done.

Finally, you should pick a photographer that is similar to you and your party. Is your wedding photographer; relaxed or high-paced, organized or flies by the seat of his pants, fun or serious? The photographer will influence the first half of your day. Formal or fun photos, getting ready, and the ceremony can all be affected by who you choose. If you have a bridal party that likes to have fun but a photographer that is very serious (or the opposite), that can cause problems. If you have a tight schedule but pick a photographer that doesn’t seem organized, this can also ruin your day.

Remember, this is YOUR day but many people are going to influence that in a big way. Picking the right photographer is going to impact your day just as much as picking a DJ will influence your reception. Know what you are looking for before you start your search. There are so many photographers out there. It may take a little time but you can find the wedding photographer that is right for YOU!

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