Planning Your Day For Photography

So much planning goes into your wedding. What most people forget about, is that you need to plan some time in there for pictures. The major determining factor for your photography day, is whether the bride and groom are going to see each other before the wedding.

If you are seeing each other, try planning 2 hours before the ceremony for portraits. It really only takes me about an hour to take these, but 15 minutes is great to have for extra time and you want time to hide before your guests arrive as well. That doesn’t mean everyone has to be there 2 hours early. We normally start out with the wedding party for the first 30 minutes at least.

Wedding Party Kiss

If you are not seeing each other, you have to spend that time between the ceremony and reception. It is normally a bit of a rush trying to get everything done when people know it is now the fun part of the evening. I normally suggest getting all of the groom with groomsmen and bride with bridesmaids photos done before, so then we only have to take the bride and groom pictures along with the large family and entire wedding party photos.

The next thing to look in to, is some fun location photography. If you are looking for that amazing photo that you can frame on your wall to catch the attention of everyone visiting… then you should plan some time for this. Do a little research on what is in between the ceremony and reception locations. Just 30 minutes are a park or other neat place in Omaha, NE is enough time to capture that amazing shot and get the type of pictures you want to display. Outside of Omaha, a field, bridge, or gravel road can also be awesome backdrops for fun shots. Let your photographer know ahead of time what you are looking for. I always come with a bunch of ideas if I know the location and how much time I have.

Beyond that, the rest of your wedding day with photography should be a breeze. Just remember to enjoy YOUR day. We will be in the background capturing those moments and you don’t have to even pay any attention to us. Act natural and let your emotions show!

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