The next person that hires me for both video and photography will get something amazing. I am going to rent this $10,000 camera and give you some amazing pictures along with the highlight video of your dreams. Of course, I will also have a backup videographer and photographer as well. Watch the video… it will amaze you!!! Click below Canon 1DC   Read More
Wedding photos can be nerve wracking enough just thinking about the gown that you are going to wear.  Hair and makeup are in a league of their own.  If your session is nearing closer and you are breaking out from fear that your hair or makeup will not be absolutely perfect, follow our guide below. Eye Color– Consider what color your eyes are, don’t match your eye shadow with your eye color (i.e. if you have blue eyes, don’t wear blue eye shadow) Hair Color – You should consider your hair color in what makeup will work best for your photo shoot as well.  Making the proper choices with eye shadows, bronzers, blush and you can make little enhances that will brighten up your whole look. Hair Style – if you have split ends, they will quite possibly show up in the photos.  Get your hair cut at least 2 weeks before your photos are taken. This way if there is an issue you will have some time to rectify it or think of other options. If you are thinking about trying something new for your photos, do a dry run with the different options that you are considering.  Take a […] Read More
One of the biggest influences on how pictures will turn out, is your wedding party. Most people don’t even introduce the photographer to their family, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. Remember, many people are camera shy and really don’t like to get their picture taken. If they are avoiding pictures or trying to rush through things, that is going to limit your photographer and also put a downer on your day. When I book a bride, they are normally very inspired to get some great shots and spend some quality time on pictures. Most grooms are the complete opposite. However, when both are excited about it, is when great things happen. If that is you, you should stress that to your wedding party as well. Show your bridesmaids some picture ideas that you have. Mention to the groomsmen how much this means to you. Looking back at my own wedding, those photographers had it easy. Getting a great picture was near the top of our list for the day. Our wedding party knew that as well and was excited for the hour we planned for fun shots on Main Street of our small town. What did we end up with? Walls filled […] Read More