There are a lot of things going on right before your big day- making final preparations, fixing last minute problems, and worrying over how your dress will look on you for the Big Day. But there is something very important you have to remember to take care of- YOU! Here are some things to keep in mind that will give you pictures that will not disappoint: Brides and brides to be smile a lot- so make sure to take care of your teeth. Some of us were not blessed with the blinding white teeth that others may have- to plan ahead if you need to have your teeth whitened. Make sure that makeup you are wearing for the big day will be appropriate for pictures. For example, glitter looks pretty in person, but might not show up correctly in pictures. Many girls will go for a makeup consultation. If you are one of them, make sure to take pictures of your face once the makeup is applied so that you have a better idea of what your face will look like. When putting on eye shadow, make sure to pick earth tones- you want your natural eye color to stand […] Read More