These are all updated testimonials from the past year! We love our clients and their families and always love to hear back from them.



“OMG I love them!!! I can’t thank you enough!! Thank you so much for everything, I can’t tell you how happy I was with you guys!! I will absolutely be recommending you to everyone!!”


May 2016

“Hamilton Video Productions has some SERIOUS talent! Amazing photos, etc. great job!!”


May 2016

“Chris, thank you for your hard work on our wedding video. Your work was extremely professional and captured the day perfectly. I really appreciate that you stayed well into the night to capture video of our guests dancing and having a great time. I also really appreciate that you were very subtle with your videography. At no point during the day did I notice you or your equipment, members of my wedding party were so surprised when they saw the video because they did not notice it either. To anyone wondering whether or not to hire Chris, don’t hesitate! My only regret was not hiring him as my photographer too.”


April 2016

“Thank you so much Chris for capturing such an amazing video of our wedding day!!! We truly appreciate your hard work and talent and we cherish the memories you have captured on our video more than anything!!”


September 2015