Tips for Close Ups: Hair & Makeup

Wedding photos can be nerve wracking enough just thinking about the gown that you wedding photography omaha ne 5are going to wear.  Hair and makeup are in a league of their own.  If your session is nearing closer and you are breaking out from fear that your hair or makeup will not be absolutely perfect, follow our guide below.

  • Eye Color– Consider what color your eyes are, don’t match your eye shadow with your eye color (i.e. if you have blue eyes, don’t wear blue eye shadow)
  • Hair Color – You should consider your hair color in what makeup will work best for your photo shoot as well.  Making the proper choices with eye shadows, bronzers, blush and you can make little enhances that will brighten up your whole look.
  • Hair Style – if you have split ends, they will quite possibly show up in the photos.  Get your hair cut at least 2 weeks before your photos are taken. This way if there is an issue you will have some time to rectify it or think of other options. If you are thinking about trying something new for your photos, do a dry run with the different options that you are considering.  Take a quick snapshot and show a close friend the styles you like, then decide from there which to use at the shoot.

During your photo shoot do your best to make it as natural as possible.  Transitioning from this pose to that pose will all look stiff and boring in the end.  Feeling confident in your hair and makeup choices will only make your photos look that much better.

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