Utilizing Pictures after the Wedding

Many people once they receive their wedding pictures will put them in Wedding Albums. The only problem with this is that many times they sit on the shelf and are not opened for years! There are unique projects that can utilize your wedding pictures so that they are treasured every day.

Frame them. This is the first thought that comes to mind besides putting them in an album. This is one simple way that you can display wedding photos that allow you to see them on a regular basis with no extra effort.  If you are living in a small house or apartment frame is a great way to show off a lot of pictures at once and still free up space on the walls for other hanging treasures.19

Make fun cards. Many couples when taking their wedding photos will take a “thank you” picture so that they can make customized thank you cards for the gifts they receive. This also works for other occasions, such as announcements.

Give them as gifts. This idea is especially thoughtful for the father of the bride or for those who stood up in the wedding. Choose a picture that involved the person you are giving it to and put it in a frame. This helps others that are close to you keep your special day in mind, as well. It was special for them, too!

Make art out of them. This is a great idea for anyone that has a lot of wall space. You can have them printed on canvas or acrylic and have them hung up on your wall. You can even make a collage out of them in order to make it a theme. Blow up your favorite pictures and hang them over the fireplace, TV, or your bed.

Submit them. They can be sent in to wedding magazines, wedding planning websites, or even a dating site if that is how you met. Everyone loves a success story and your wedding might even provide inspiration for others.

Create a Scrapbook. This is an excellent way to preserve different aspects of your wedding, especially if you press a flower into it.

Each couple will be different, but there are so many things that you can do with your wedding photos, if you haven’t already!

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